Ecofabrik ™ is a scientific research process developed by RMA Essen, IFA Hanover and ENAKON Wolfenbüttel with German Ministery BMBF's support. Main idea was the development of a web-based holistic dialogue tool aiming at dedecting energy potentials in existing as well as newly planned complex building projects, benificiary in particular for small and medium businesses. The network type optimization process dialogue and calculation routines are based on an integral view of the energetic interactions between site, building, process, utilities services and organization. According to the respective competencies architects show responsible for the energy relevant aspects of site and building structure, the utility engineers for the technical building systems, and the plant engineers for the factory equipment and human organization aspects. The most important criteria are:

Overall efficiency gains in particular through matrix-field synergy optimization of factory objects. The aim is to reduce energy consumption of all synergetically adressed planning objects as well as  best use of remaining energy potentials.
Reducing of the ecological footprint, the use of fossil fuels through minimizing energy consumption and expanding of the self created energy (cogeneration and renewable energy systems) with the positive result of a decentralization of energy supply.
Ecological analysis and benchmarking of a complete plant in terms of CO2 emissions, choice of materials, landscaping and use of local resources such as rainwater.