passive house

Toekomst Passiefhuis

Chamber of Crafts Muenster (HBZ), Saxion Enschede, University of aplied science- muenster school of architecture (msa)

In cooperation between the HBZ, the Saxion University Enschede and the Univeristy of applied science Münster is conducting study on the subject of architecture and passive house since 2008. Subjects of the study are suitable construction methods, materials, building services as well as building physician relationships.

By conveying basic knowledge about the passive house standard, the network of various aspects regarding low-energy construction is discussed. The term passive house does not mark a standardized construction method, but an energetic standard. The specific project requirements especially the location, shape, structure, health and aesthetics, as well as corresponding aspects of cost lead to highly diverse manifestations of a passive house.

The main focus of ‘future passive house’ is not limited to only housing projects but will also be assigned to the typologies of office and commerce buildings.

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