▪ Conception
assembly plant for heat-transfer automotive elements for use in sophisticated automobiles. Modular plant structure demands for high degree of flexibility. Future truck delivery may be (re-) positioned at each spot of perimeter of building, office areas are conceived as column-free “loft” areas. Staff and visitors are granted total survey over process by means of wood tiled galleries and glass office walls
▪ Construction
steel trusses span 36.0 m, all areas are served by natural daylight
▪ Facts
gross volume approx. 100.000 cu m,
floor space approx. 10.500 sq m
▪ Award
The MODINE factory in Wackersdorf won the A.T. Kearney management awarrd “Factory of the year 2006” in the category “excellent assembly”, most modern building services engineering and innovative production and building concept