▪ Concept
energy optimized cube-shaped construction. Architecture of the house, floorplan and section clinging to the slope. Minimization of sealed surfaces by means of a compact building form and roof planting, rain water circulation and by the use of solar cells
▪ Construction
a visible concrete wall which traces the outline of the slope erosion, a two storey totally prefabricated steel skeleton. Highly insulated building shell made out of redwood and glass
▪ Facts
gross vol. 752 cu m,
floor space 202 sq m,
49 W/sq m a
▪ Literature
l’architecture d’aujourd’hui 320/99, p. 122 - 123
DETAIL 4/99, p. 1, p. 633 - 637
Häuser am Hang, Callwey 2000, p. 104 - 109