▪ Concept
factory for the refinement of paper rolls
through application of emulsion and
separation sheets. Linear process with
highly specialised expandable coating
machinery and flexible pneumatically
transported paper rolls. Central glazed
hall serves as entrance of plant, office
entrance and exhibition area
▪ Construction
2243 ramming sticks, grille reinforced slab with self-levelling epoxy resin coat. Steel frame above the 45 m hall extension, refined by use of uncommon skylight systems. Steel construction of office building, glazed partition walls. Roof girders with tensile vertical and horizontal rods
▪ Facts
production / store 13.500 sq m,
subsidiary establishments 4.800 sq m,
Office 1.200 sq m,
130 employees
▪ Literature
industrieBAU 2/92, p.1, p. 84 - 89
AIT 4/92, p. 44 - 48
db 4/92, p. 86 - 90