▪ Conception
bakery process with integrated store section, cooling plant and office section. 3D energy simulation of the whole project: building, technology of the building, technology of process for different building shapes and different kinds of ovens and materials. Transparent offices and visitor' s gallery
▪ Construction
production hall: a 8.0 m high, 21.0 m wide and 48.0 m deep column-less hall.
Construction steel columns, underbraced laminated double beams. The roof is a pleated plywood construction which is strengthened by wooden ribs
▪ Facts
gross volume 16.500 cu m,
gross floor space 2.600 m²,
60 kWh/100 kg baked flour
▪ Literature
industrieBAU 6/98, p. 1, p. 34 - 39
DBZ 10/98, p. 61 - 64