Methodology for evaluating a factory’s energy efficiency

RMA, Enakon Wolfenbüttel GmbH, IFA - Institute of Production Systems and Logistics

Approximately 25 to 30% energy-savings potential can still be made in the industrial sector. From a practical perspective the lacking of a holistic, synergetic view to a factory’s system is to blame regarding potentials of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Originating from this approach, the region of interest in this project is the entire factory system divided into five categories: site, building structure, process, building services and organization. The aim of the research project, promoted by the ministry of education and research, is the development of a method for identifying and valuation of ecological and economical potentials of energy efficiency in industrial plants. Only a comprehensive gathering of all energetic relevant objects regarding site, building structure, process, building services and organization makes a synergetic improvement possible. The arrangement of production means in the factory layout for instance has an influence on the air-conditioning, which again makes an impact on the factory’s envelope.

To ensure the integral consideration of the problem an interdisciplinary team was composed. The architect’s perspective is taken by RMA, building services by ENAKON Wolfenbüttel GmbH and the factory planning by IFA – Institute of Production Systems and Logistics. Corresponding to the respective competences site and building structure come under the architect, building services under building services and process as well as organization under the factory planner.

The term ‘ecofactory’ was coined to range in the synergetic approach under the parameters coming from process-sight and space-sight. Avoidance of wastage is the mail aim of Ecofactory. Energy used for process technology should be used ideally up to 100% as useful energy in all the other categories. Consequently the building structure and the building services should be energy neutral or rather covered 100% by losses of process energy.

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