Generating a building’s gene code

GENEering™ - a linguistic crossbreed of ‘gene‘ and ‘engineering’ – deals with the development of the so called ’building-gene code’ of process technology and space. This gene-code defines the structural parameters of the factories future lifecycle and thereby its adaptability. By means of Brainstorm-Techniques programmatic strategies for various design fields are defined and to derive project goals and demands upon design objects from them. Due to specially developed methods for moderation, association, working and thinking the most important ‘genes’ are discussed, evaluated and documented.

By analogy with human genes the so gained knowledge forms a gene code describing the projects special features. Aiming for a logical project definition that arises from the customer’s requests and the cooperated identity, ensures a joint and superior strategy is pursued. This kind of approach becomes indispensable regarding industrial and commercial projects.

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